Learn to ‘Experiment, respond and discover’ in a working artists studio, set in the heart of rural West Cornwall.


Set high up on the moors in the far west of Cornwall is an artist’s retreat, at the far end of a dead end lane, overlooking miles of empty countryside. This huge corrugated barn is the domain of artist Paul Wadsworth. It is quite a find. On a clear day both sides of the coast are in clear view whilst on the rise of the hill sits the engine house of Ding Dong Mine.


“Away from typical courses in college environments this feels like the real deal…”


Throwing open the doors of his studio, Paul runs three day art courses each month from March to October, inviting students to come and experience the setting first hand. Away from typical courses held in college environments this feels like the real deal, making art in a working artist studio encourages a sense of discovery, it is liberating and invigorating, there is a freedom to the space, an ancient quality to the landscape and Paul is an inspiring tutor.


An experienced teacher, Paul began teaching in 1998, he has been running courses from his own studio for the past five years; Paul says, “The thing I love most about teaching is the element of surprise, the moment when someone stands back and says ‘I did that’”


“Everyone goes away rejuvenated”


During the three-day course at Paul’s studio you can expect to be surprised. The ethos is one of discovery; to experiment with the way you approach making artwork. The course is for all levels of ability, from beginners to practicing artists. Everyone goes away rejuvenated.


“I give students the possibility of freedom in their work” says artist and tutor Paul Wadsworth


The course is landscape based, painting on location around the farm and with one day at a local beach weather permitting, students are also given their own studio space to further work on ideas. Paul gives individual tuition to students to explore their potential as a painter.


The journey begins with Day one:


Day One: includes intuitive mark making, collaborative drawing and exercises to push the boundaries to encourage a more instinctive response to drawing. It is all about taking risks and loosening up. It is also about having fun with the work.


Day Two: Painting with expression, Paul encourages students to find their own language in paint. Students will work either directly in the landscape or at the beach. Paul gives demonstrations and shares his own techniques and practice.


Day Three: Taking what has been learned in the previous sessions Paul encourages students to further develop their own expression by taking paintings and sketches back into the studio. This is the final stage in letting the work take it’s own form.


Talking about the course Paul says: “What I hope to give to students is an energy in their painting, a love for making art and the opportunity to experiment. Essentially I want people to enjoy what they are doing and learn the possibility of freedom.”

Thank you Paul Wadsworth for an amazing 3 days - your support, encouragement an generosity were second to none. Loved, loved your course! Totally recommend


  APRIL 22 23 24. 3 DAY £300 landscape          

                                                                                           MAY            6 7 8   3 DAY £300 landscape

                                                                                          JUNE            5 6 7   3 DAY £300 landscape 

                                                                                         JULY          3 4 5 3 DAY £300 landscape 

                                                                                       SEPT   2 3 4  3 DAY £300 landscape

£150 deposit secures a place                                                               

                                                                  ALL MATERIALS PROVIDED - WORKING WITH ACRYLICS ON PAPER

                                  Stretched Canvases can be provided at cost price.. let me know sizes and will arrange for them to be available.                                                                                                                                                               

                                                            Happy to take groups of 3 or more and organise specific dates to suit you.





A misty moorland

A narrow cow-pat track

And a large grey barn.


Down to “Boat Cove” to paint and sketch in the wind and drizzle


Returning to the shelter of the tall barn

For lively, large-scale painting

And conversation

The swallows shrieking and swooping in and out above our work


And lots of tea!!


What a memorable painting experience!



Painting in Cornwall


How to capture it,

To hold it in my hand,

To keep it.

Light ,



In my eyes and mind forever.



A tiny bay,

Gold sand, pierced by lava rocks.

Silvered by sunlight

And the remains of the receding sea.



Aah, how to capture it in paint

With brush and knife and cloth

And my bare hands.

How to look and really see.

How to see and understand.



A sea,

at once both blue and green.

But, wait….

(brush poised)

And pink and gold and grey.



And rocks….

Not black, not grey but purple, red

And rusted brown.

Spiking and spilling.

Volcanos’ spew made hard with time



And sky…

All filled with turquoise rose

Like opals in my mother’s ring;

Full of fire, but soft. It glows

With light from far away.

The blue beyond.



And light…

Not burning yellow like the sun

But soft and white

Like gauze

Reflecting, refracting and filling my eyes,

And my mind


      “Thankyou so much for a great weekend, I found painting at Porthtowan liberating and exhilarating”


         “Thank you so much for such a wonderful few days.  You really are an inspiring teacher.”


         “I got so much from your workshop last year I would like to do another”


         “A huge thankyou for giving us such a memorable three days! I so enjoyed every minute.”


·      “Just wanted to say thankyou for last weekend, very enjoyable and good to be pushed in new directions.”


·      “Really enjoyed the course, have made great strides in my painting even since I've been back.”


       “Thank you very much for a very inspiring weekend. I enjoyed the work, the atmosphere, the company, your guidance and sense of humour.”

            My favourite from an amazing three days 👌thanks Paul Wadsworth I loved every minute x

           Wow the last few days have had such an impact on how I see things... everything looks so colourful!